Pc charity

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Pc charity is software that is used to do charity with the computer.
It sounds too good to be true but that's it, is free and does not ask working hours, just turn on your computer Pc charity starts and taking advantage of the unused power of your computer generates money that will be donated to charity.
Click here to understand in more detail how it works and start using Pc charity

Fare rap

logo fare rap

Fare rap is a portal in Italian of rap and hip hop, which specializes in finding mc's and emerging producers.
The site is several years that is online and has become increasingly important by the work of great bloggers who have become part of the team.
There are several services in addition to the blog, there is a forum, chat for freestyle, can manage their own profile and to search for collaboration with dj or mc, there are guides to start rapping, a database with all the artists (not emerging with a chart showing the best Italian mc) of Italy, and an area of free downlaod where to find the cd of emerging artists and not.

Come see what we mean :)

Joomla extension

logo htm tool

In the-html-tool.com my old site, as well as various projects, I introduced the extensions of joomla.
Working as a web developer, every now we needed extensions that do not exist, in that case the development and share them.
Now these extensions you can find them on this site, in the download section.