For several years I was fixed in the head the idea of becoming self-sufficient, at any level, energy, food, etc. ...
Surely it is a possible thing, most of human history was made without supermarkets and shops.
The challenge will be to understand first of all, if I am able, I have never competed in the creation of a vegetable garden and second thing, at what level of comfort I can get? such as heating, electricity, light, use a computer.
The first step that I take is to buy a terrain and I hope to do it by 2016, then a period where I will continue to go in the office and in parallel will take this project forward.

The purpose is to try to gradually reduce the use of money and replace their assets with things made by me, from food to electricity to harvest rainwater.
Why I want to do? It is not to be stingy or little desire to work but for me it's just a way, the only one that came to my mind and perhaps the only possible to exit the society.
I do not want to be a hermit and live alone but simply select only the finer things in life.
I realized in the first years of work, the world that I knew was different from the real one, after many years of school, with people more or less like me, he liked pretty much the same things and who thought more or less like me, it seemed to me that the world described in TV news was a representation of a small reality, a minority and something very distant from what was happening around me.
But, I was wrong, no one has ever done to me violence or robbed but I found a lot of people unfair, selfish and uncaring, people very different from those I knew, so much so that it suggested to me the doubt that maybe even I in certain situations I could behave selfishly.
We complain of governments, institutions, but they are just people, and it is the people, the real problem.
So I would continue to work to my things, and continue to earn a minimum with my projects and I will choose what I do with my life, choose to spend time only with people that I trust, being in nature and everything else.
Follow me and I hope to let you know how to proceed this year.