For several years I was fixed in the head the idea of becoming self-sufficient, at any level, energy, food, etc. ...
Surely it is a possible thing, most of human history was made without supermarkets and shops.
The challenge will be to understand first of all, if I am able, I have never competed in the creation of a vegetable garden and second thing, at what level of comfort I can get? such as heating, electricity, light, use a computer.
The first step that I take is to buy a terrain and I hope to do it by 2016, then a period where I will continue to go in the office and in parallel will take this project forward.

The Italian health care is among the best in the world, second only to the French according to the World Health Organization. But that says little about the real situation, because every patient care at a specific hospital, and between a structure and the other, the mortality statistics can be very different.

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